Animals and the Truth

Over the past week I have seen these articles regarding cops shooting animals, specifically pit bulls. In each article the pit bull is portrayed to have been a sweet dog, but according to the cop the dog wasn’t and therefore the cop shoots and either injures or kills the dog. Unfortunately, there are multiple sides to this and I can’t comment on just 1 without commenting on them all that surface on Facebook of all places….

First off, I hate animal cruelty. Doesn’t matter if a owner does it, a vet does it, or even a cop. If they harm an animal in any way without cause (that can’t be justified with proof) then no matter the case they should be charged. So, with that said…

Since these articles are showing up on Facebook of all places we don’t know if they are real or how current they are if they really did happen. The one article I clicked on and found out that it was true happened back in 2010. So that article is surfacing after 3 years. But what I find really funny, is that none of these articles surface unless the damage is done by either: Cop, Celebrity, or Athlete. You rarely EVER hear of these cases being brought on the news because the person committing the crime was someone other than the 3 I just mentioned. The only place they are voiced that is not on a news station, is on places like support pages or support sites, or even support shows like *Pit Bulls and Parolees*. Those types of places are honestly the only places you will ever here of those types of cases where the crime was committed by someone other than a cop, celebrity or an athlete.

But when the cases are shown in any instance there are always two sides to the story. Like, what the dog was doing, or ever what was the person doing. Dogs as a rule will protect their owner if there is a bond. And people should do the same. So when people are in a situation involving multiple people, its possible that the *vicious* dog, is really just protecting its owner and is in a heightened state. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are the one breed that is targeted in this instance and its sad. Unless someone has had a pit bull and raised one, then they will not know their true nature which is a sweet and lovable, try to be lap dog. I have rarely ever seen German Shepherds, Chihuahuas, Akitas, Huskies, Dobermans, etc accused of something by the media and have it escalate to the point that it is at today.

If you don’t think a German Shepherd could kill you, or even badly injure you, then you are sadly mistaken. Why do you think those dogs are trained as police dogs? That’s only one of the reasons, but that’s a pretty good one if you ask me.

So. As the old saying goes *Don’t judge a book by it’s cover*. Learn the situation, learn how to handle things. Dogs have feelings too. And a lot of times, those dogs are a person’s security blanket. Take that away and what are you left with? Ponder on that for a bit.




Lyrics are those words that we seemingly forget to listen to when we hear our favorite song on the radio. We may listen to the song and sing the words, but we don’t *listen* to the lyrics.

How many of you stop singing to a song and pay close attention to the words the artist is singing? Do you wonder the meaning behind the words? Do you realize that the words that you have been singing along to for some time now resemble your life in some way?

There are so many questions regarding lyrics as to why an artist writes them as such, or how lyrics can reflect on our lives. But do we ever stop and listen to them?

You can be amazing
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love
Or you can start speaking up
Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do
When they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins

Those are partial lyrics to the first verse of Sara Bareilles’s song *Brave*. Its a beautiful song, with beautiful lyrics that really can pack a punch, especially when they are listened to.

So, what are the lyrics of your favorite songs saying?

The Little Things In Life

Have you ever wanted to rewind your life and change what happened? Go back to a certain part of your life and redo something? Maybe even redo your entire life a different way and see how it turns out?

What is the reason for wanting to do any of that?

The number one thing that I hear is because we have missed out on things in our lives that were right in front of us, but took us years to figure out they were there. Those *things* those *little things* are what people want to get back into their lives or even relive them. Sometimes its a little easy by giving those ten birthday presents to your son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter for the ten years of their birthday you missed. But other times are harder, like the time spent talking to your grandparents or great-grandparents about what it was like in their childhood and teenage years, especially when they pass away.

The little things in life are just as important as the big picture because without the little things the big picture would be no fun at all.

So, cherish those little things you see everyday. Cherish those 3-minute talks in the morning with your kids before you go to work. Cherish missing that day of work to go take your kids to the park or staying in to put on a show for Grandma and Grandpa. Cherish that dinner date with your loved one.

Cherish The Little Things In Life =)

How many miles are you?

1600 miles, 800 miles, 2400 miles, 1000 miles…. What do you guys consider long distance? For me, I consider Long distance to be any distance where I cant see the person in under 2 hours.

I’ve had my share of long distance relationships. I’ve had some with people in places that i never thought I would. And so far none have worked out, but everyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows that they take time, commitment and sacrifice. For each long distance relationship that doesn’t work out, there is a long distance relationship that DOES work out, and those are the relationships that give you awesome stories to tell.

For me? Mine have just been bad choices. Each relationship has built me up and enabled me to go into my current long distance relationship with a strong will in what I want, and a brain. Cause lets face it, at 21, not everyone is smart let alone mature. So those are two more things that this kind of relationship takes, maturity and the ability to make smart decisions. Sometimes those decisions aren’t for you, but for the person you are with.

To be able to learn about each other and grow with one another is a powerful thing. One that if not done together, the relationship doesnt prosper.

Long distance or a in person, both have their pros and cons. 1 specific one isn’t the best way for every person. So find which way is best for you, take it seriously because whether you start 1000 miles apart and come together or start together and move away…the last thing you want to happen is move apart 1000 miles.

Enjoy and be happy, I know I am =)


Beautiful, colorful, creative, and most of all meaningful. These are just a few of the reasons that people give for getting a tattoo. Tattoos have become such a common thing among society that you can turn the corner and 8 times out of 10 you will see a person with a tattoo. But, tattoos are not gotten just for the reasons mentioned above, tattoos are also gotten for reasons such as gangs, prisons, communities/tribes/etc, and Army/Military/etc. These are also a few of the reasons to get a tattoo.

Pick a spot on your body and someone, somewhere in the world most likely has that part of their body tattooed for one of those reasons above or some other reason. But, once done the tattoo is there for life and becomes a part of that person. That tattoo becomes part of their story so to speak, their autobiography. Some people get tattoos because the tattoo looks cool, but more often than not the person chooses the tattoo based on what they like. The tattoo still becomes part of their story.

My story? Is a simple word that means everything to many people. But for me its a remembrance *Livestrong*. Its on my left forearm, and for my first tattoo it wasn’t a bad place to put it.

My dad had passed away from cancer and this is what I got in remembrance to him and his fight with it. It not only is memorable, but it is creative and beautiful. This is only part of my story and will gladly add more chapters to my story later on to create a full, vibrant story.

So what is your story?

What is your future story?

Just some questions I ask myself and I am curious about =P


Technology is one of the greatest advances for any civilization. Whether that technology is medically, computers, artistically, etc. Whatever the advance in technology is, it is something great for any society to have and in the moment of new advances there are rushes of people going towards that advance. For example, the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4, these two cell phones are both highly advanced technologically compared to 10 years ago. They both are the top phone in their series and are packed full with potential… BUT, there is a price to pay for such greatness.

With any advance in any aspect of technology people get attached and dependent, some get more dependent than others. This creates a problem. The problem is that people become distant from everything around them, except for the object that they are focused on. Seems logical right? Sounds like tunnel vision. Except with tunnel vision if you take someone out of that tunnel they are able to function and perform all normal actions and duties as they normally could without a problem. Well, using the example of the cell phones again, if you were to take a cell phone again from someone who is dependent on it they wont know how to function or perform basic duties and actions. This is a big social problem when dealing with everyday life.

Technology, not just technology that deals with cell phones, but technology that deals with all aspects of our daily lives comes with a price. Sometimes that price to pay is not right in front of us. Other times that price is a constant and daily reminder of what we have achieved so far in our generations up till this point. Technology is great, it has helped civilizations achieve and maintain aspects of life with little to no effort at times. But technology is only as great as the people that run them, if the current path keeps its course what kind of technology will there be in the future?

The Greatness of School

Ever since we were born our parents have been raising us into our future selves. The first few years were both the fun times and the hectic times, being the time of teething, potty training, terrible two’s, etc. But once Kindergarten hits at around the age of 5 or 6, we are still being raised, but we are no longer being raised by our parents anymore. We are being raised by the influences we see, hear, touch, and experience in our everyday life.

A lot of these influences come from our teachers and our classmates because we spend around 6-7 hours a day with the same people that we start to develop relationships with the people we see and interact with. The rest of the time we spend with our friends and family outside of school and we develop even more relationships there. As a result the influences continue to grow.

But a lot of these influences and experiences may not happen without attending school, or being in some sort of a school setting. Now school setting can mean both public/private school or it can mean home school.

A lot of what school teaches you is not only the direct information, the educational information that you take with you throughout your life. But also the indirect information such as social skills, being respectful, manners. Now you think that “manners” is something that you are taught by your parents, well, this is true. Your parents do tell you about them and what they are and when you should say things and how. But, not every parent teaches it. Same thing about being respectful. Teaching someone to be respectful is a lot harder to do than to teach someone to have manners because respect to one person is different to another. Culture.

As with anything in the world, culture has a lot to do with things. School, work, family, and life in general. As you get older and go through Middle School and then High School and then (hopefully) College, you will notice the culture of each school changes. The types of teachers and students change. Especially when you go to college the culture changes because you have teachers and students from all over the world that are attending that specific school that you are at. With all the culture you experience you encounter new experiences and influences that will impact your life. Some are good and some aren’t, but that is all part of learning. Some of these experiences and influences might actually help you decide on a major for college when it’s time.

Overall, School is a major part in any person’s life. After high school, College is the next big step in school, but it is not for everyone. But for those who do attend it can mean a great deal for them and even be a life changer. School can provide for someone in ways that they can only imagine about if they were just sitting at home doing nothing.

So get up and go get that information! You never know what your local school can do for you! And remember, Community College is a GREAT option. It is exceedingly cheap compared to a university and from personal experience, the education is fantastic. =)

Who are you?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said “who are you?” or “Who am I?”

Well, usually at that point, that point when we say that to ourselves is when we need to change something in our lives. Usually we have become someone that we don’t even recognize and all of a sudden we just “wake up” and realize what has happened. For some people the change back to our “normal selves”, and I stress that because there really is no one who is truly normal. Everyone is “normal” in their own way and that is what makes them who they are. But the change back to “normal” takes longer for some than others but eventually we all go back to who we used to be.

But what can cause us to change into someone that we don’t even recognize?

Stress, family, friends, school, relationships, work, etc. Numerous things can do it. These factors can change a person in both good ways and bad ways, so it all depends on how it affects the individual.

Ask yourself these questions…

—Who was I then?

—Who am I now?

—Who will I be in 10 years?

If you ask yourself these questions everyday or even every once in awhile, it should help not let things get so hectic. I know from personal experience that even just asking the last two questions multiple times in the mirror helps tremendously. I’ve kept stressful matters from getting worse and they’ve been kept manageable.

So who are you?

Competition, Fun, and Life

In life there is always competition and there is always fun, but at what point does one stop and the other begin?

As an athlete you compete in club, high school, and college. And hopefully throughout those years you have some fun along the way. However, at some point throughout those years some players stop seeing their sport as “fun” and play for competition, to win. I have seen this happen so many times in high school and college, but now I am seeing it happen in club sports within 2 years of getting to high school. But is not having fun while competing a good thing?

As a student in school you are given challenges to get past, some are fun and some aren’t. Some of those challenges are things like the Spelling Bee, Physical Fitness Testing, and state exams. These challenges are meant to get you thinking outside the box (hopefully) and obtain knowledge that you didn’t already have. There are school curriculum’s that are strictly scholastic, then there are some curriculum’s that incorporate both scholastic and fun elements. But, which route is better?

In a workplace there is always competition. Competition to sell the most of a certain item, perfect attendance, most “employee of the month” pictures on the wall, etc. There is also fun too. But compared to competition, fun is at the bottom of the barrel. But if there is not enough fun, how does that affect the employees?

Life. Life is a competition, but life should also be fun.

While I only named 3 elements in a person’s life (Sports, School, Work), they all have 1 thing in common. That 1 thing is: Which is more important, competition or fun? I believe that in every aspect/element of a person’s life, both competition AND fun are important.

Competition gives us the ability to see not only our strengths, but our weaknesses. In sports setting this enables us to train harder and master those moves on the soccer field, or any moves/ability for any sport. Softball, volleyball, basketball, etc. In school, competition enables students to engage in a friendly fight against each other for fun or grades. Sometimes that competition actually can raise a student’s grade from a low *D*to a high* B* or even an *A*, it all depends on the type of competition. At work, competition is aimed for employees to do their best at whatever their job it. Whether they are a stock clerk at the local supermarket, or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, competition keeps employees on their toes and doing their best work.

Fun gives us the chance to be ourselves and just relax. In sports, competition is so powerful it can actually bring an athlete down. But if an athlete remembers to have fun every once in awhile, then their performance and skill will be much higher than if they just played for competition. When having fun you do things you wouldn’t normally do, and its because you are in a relaxed state instead of being so tense. In school, no on is excited to learn. You are there from 8am to about 3pm and during that time it is learning, all learning. So many times I have heard that Lunch or Gym was everyone’s favorite class. But, if students are engaged in something they are interested in then they will have fun, and they will learn. Maybe make every class a full on discussion, and learn that way. At work, every employee is focused on working and nothing else. At the end of the day they are so tired and want to get home and have lost all desire to have fun usually. Fun at the workplace would keep employees engaged in their work by not making the day seem like a drag (if working a 8-12 hour day).

Essentially, competition and fun are one in the same thing. Both are needed to enjoy life and both are needed to be well-rounded. You can be the best at something through hard work and dedication, but being the best at 1 thing doesn’t mean that you know how to have fun at it. If someone can have fun at their sport, schoolwork, job, then that person is well-rounded and knows how to handle situations and keep their life reasonably stress-free.

All work and no play makes for a very dull day.

Personal Change With Help From A Friend



So during the semester I normally just went to class, ate lunch at school, went to class again and then went home. Rarely ever changed my routine, ever. But if I did it was either for a class assignment or a family function. Well, during the semester I befriended one of my classmates from my American Sign Language class. We both come from different cultures and family styles and we are not the same age. So in more ways than one, we are different. But, in more ways than one, we are the same. The biggest difference, is that she is more confident in her looks and herself. While I am not.

As the semester went on we talked and got to know each other more, and through our conversations we decided that we would go out and she would give me a “make over”. The whole 9 yards, but nothing too serious that would change my look to not make me look like myself. The picture above, is a sneak peak at what is to come. Went out one night and she decided to do a “mini make over”. Which I was fine with. I never wear make up and I rarely ever wear skin tight clothing. I am more of the tom-boy type. But for some reason, I felt totally comfortable in the outfit above by the time I took it off before bed, at 3 AM.

Aside from the make overs, my friend has literally become someone that I would call family. Ironically this was a topic in our Sociology class in the prior semester, “What/who do you call family?” I would honestly consider my friend, family. And that sounds weird to most people who are thinking “you’ve only known this person a few months..” Which is true, but its really about quality over quantity. In this case, its the quality of the friendship in those few months versus how long we have been friends.

One thing I am grateful to her for is something that I don’t think I could ever find a way to repay her back. She understands my situations, my trials, my ordeals, my whatevers… She relates my issues to something of her own, to her life. And that is something that I am extremely grateful for, especially since most people are about “Me, me, me”and they don’t stop and think about the things that they say or do and what kind of impact they could have on others. So when I hear someone expressing their frustration about a test or anything at school (a very blah example, but it works), but I understand it, I feel their pain because there are subjects that I don’t understand. One of them being Geometry. I just cant get it, but I can relate to others in that aspect or another one. So when my friend relates my issues to some of her own, or anything really, I am extremely grateful because it means a lot more to me when she says/does that than when she offers to pay for something. But since I know what means a lot to her, I go with the flow =) I am appreciative, but one day I hope to find a way to pay her back. When that day is? I don’t know.

I think if I were to name everything that she has helped me change in my life for the better, then we would be here all day… But that is what I mean by quality over quantity. None of my friends, in my life, have been the kind of friend to me that she has been in such a small amount of time. So if I am looked at oddly for calling her family, then so be it. Quality over quantity will be my response. Always will be no matter who it is in reference to.

All in all, I am very glad I met her this semester. Not only are our conversations interesting, but they are intellectually interesting to both of us. And intellectual conversations are very few and far between nowadays, so they are very refreshing to have. So here is to school, a place where you meet some very interesting people. People that you can call your friends, and some, even family =)

Quality over quantity =)